What Does Success Look Like at Your Law Firm?

Can your law firm run without you so you can take the time off that you need?

Do you have the tools and knowledge to grow and expand your business?

Are you getting more of the clients you want with less stress and effort?

Do you operate your business with a consistent management framework?

Are you on track to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be?

Have Any of These Held You Back from Achieving Success?

You lack clarity in your vision of the future for you and your employees

Your team has vague and erratic goals and objectives

There is no consistent business management and operational framework

You don’t get enough of the clients you want

Your firm has limited capital and cash flow to invest or expand

Your employees’ responsibilities and obligations are unclear

It’s impossible to find great people that want to work

Building leadership and team skills requires travel, costly conferences, and long-term commitments.

You Can't Win Without a Gameplan

Our Law Firm Growth Gameplan will create individualized solutions for your law firm to overcome what is holding you back

Craft a compelling company purpose, mission, and set core values that motivate you and your team on a daily basis.

Set and track attainable yet aggressive goals that align to your 3-5 year mission

Implement a company meeting rhythm, regular strategic planning, reliable employee analysis and review processes, and more.

Identify your ideal client profile, develop a marketing strategy that will generate more targeted PNC’s, and execute a proven intake system.

Create helpful reports and dashboards, track short and long-term cash flow, and understand your firm’s finances.

Produce role specific job descriptions, apply KPI’s to each person that relate to the company mission, and perform weekly one on one meetings.

Draft job postings that will attract the right people and execute a hiring system that ensures they align with your core values and are inspired by your vision.

We travel to you and your team and require no long term commitment.

Developing your Law Firm Growth Gameplan

We Bring Our Expertise to Your Office:  Benefit from a 3 Day In-Person Strategic Analysis

Preparation Phase: Before arrival, we analyze available reports and data.

Vision Workshop (1 Day): Conducted with the owner and/or leadership to solidify company Purpose, Mission, Values, and Strategies.

Department-Specific Deep Dives (2 Days): In-depth examinations of Marketing, Intake, Finance, Operations, HR, IT, and Outside Vendors.

Gameplan Development: Following the 3-Day Strategic Analysis, we create your customized Law Firm Growth Gameplan in less than 30 days.

Follow-Up Meeting: A scheduled session to present and discuss the Gameplan, including its implementation and execution strategies.

Why Choose Acting Executives for your Law Firm Growth Gameplan?

No Travel Expenses,
No Conference Fees

Save on costs by avoiding travel and conference expenses.

No Long-Term Commitment

Enjoy the advantages without the burden of long-term commitments.

Flexible Scheduling to Minimize Downtime

We adapt to your schedule, minimizing downtime and productivity loss.

Custom Gameplan for Your Success

Walk away with a tailored Gameplan to a successful and profitable law firm.

Personalized Workshops, Not Group Programs

Individual attention and workshops as opposed to group instruction and cookie-cutter programs.

Actionable Insights in 30 Days or Less

Get actionable insights in every department of your law firm in less than 30 days.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Keep the Gameplan and the Playbooks….Only pay what you think it is worth if you are not completely satisfied.

Limited Availability of Growth Gameplans each Month

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What You Get with Your
Law Firm Growth Gameplan:

Clarity in Your:

  • Vision
  • 3-5 Year Mission
  • Core Values
  • Operational Framework
  • Financial Health and Forecast
  • Marketing and Intake

6 Actionable Playbooks: Marketing, Intake, Hiring, IT, Leadership Development, and Vendor Management

Access to CMO’s, COO’s, CTO’s, and other proven leaders for advice or to hire as fractional executives

Opportunity for ongoing one on one coaching available to help implement and execute your playbooks and Gameplan

Discounts on software, online tools, and other services for law firms