Struggling to Hire the Right People?

Finding and hiring the best people for your business consistently can be

overwhelming and time consuming. 

When you have to make a new hire, does

it feel like that is all you’re doing for

weeks or even longer?  

Wish Your Team is More Efficient?

How many times have you asked yourself

why your team isn’t more efficient and

productive?  This is a common problem

many business owners face, but with

the right frameworks and systems, you

can get more of the results you want.    

Step Up Your Hiring Game: What Your Firm Will Gain

Customized Hiring Roadmap

Your blueprint for success in talent acquisition. We delve into your firm’s specific needs and culture to create a step-by-step plan that streamlines your hiring process, ensuring you attract and retain the best legal minds

Retention Strategy Document

A comprehensive guide offering innovative techniques for employee retention. This document includes strategies for development programs and engagement initiatives tailored to keep your top talent motivated and committed.

Recruitment Templates

Job Description Templates: Specifically crafted for the legal sector, these templates help you articulate the exact requirements of each role, attracting the right candidates. Interview Question Guides: Our customized guides assist you in effectively evaluating both the technical skills and cultural fit of potential hires.

Employee Onboarding Toolkit

Includes checklists, first-week plans, and orientation materials. This toolkit is designed to ensure new hires are integrated into your firm seamlessly, setting them up for success from day one.

Performance Evaluation Forms

Tailored templates to assess employee performance effectively. These forms include key performance indicators relevant to the your business, helping you track and enhance your team’s productivity.

Employee Development Plan Templates

Facilitate the growth of your team with our development plan templates. These are designed for career progression, skill enhancement, and fostering personal growth, contributing to your firm’s overall success.

Employee Engagement Survey Templates

Regularly gauge employee satisfaction and obtain valuable feedback on your workplace culture. Our survey templates are a crucial tool in maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

Retention Analysis Tools

Utilize our spreadsheets or software reco-mmendations to effectively track employee turnover. These tools help you understand trends and make informed decisions to improve retention.

Communication Strategy Guide

Best practices for internal communication within your firm. This guide is essential for enhancing transparency, boosting morale, and fostering a cohesive team environment.

Access to Digital Tools

Get recommendations and setup guides for the latest HR software tools. These digital solutions aid in efficient recruitment, onboarding, and ongoing employee management.

Follow-Up Plan

We provide a schedule and framework for follow-up sessions to ensure successful implementation and adaptation of the strategies tailored for your firm.

Customizable Culture Building Activities

A set of activities and initiatives for your firm to implement, fostering a positive, inclusive, and dynamic work environment. These activities are key to building a thriving firm culture.

How Much does Turnover Truly Cost?

Studies have shown the cost of turnover is equal to up to two times the annual salary of the team member.  This is manifested in time, recruiting costs, stress, lost revenue, opportunity cost, and more.  Can you afford not to do whatever you can to avoid costly turnover in your business?

Why Are We the Best Option for Your Firm?

Invest in Talent: Maximize ROI with Strategic Hiring

Your people are your greatest asset, so why would you not invest in a strategic system for hiring and retaining talented team members?  Witness a significant return on your investment in our Hiring and Talent Retention Playbook from decreased turnover and greater efficiency and productivity.

About Us

Leading our team is Jon Cumberworth, an experienced executive and entrepreneur who brings an innovative approach to talent systems and management. We’re all about attracting top talent and creating an environment where they can thrive and grow. Our strategy isn’t just about filling roles; it’s about teaching you how to consistently recruit the right people who align with your company’s culture and vision. We understand that finding and hiring great people is hard, but keeping them is equally, if not more important to the success of your business.


Our service is uniquely tailored to your business, focusing on the specific challenges and dynamics
you are currently facing. We provide specialized, actionable strategies that will impact your business faster than cookie-cutter solutions.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your firm’s specific needs, culture, and the challenges you face in talent management. Based on this, we develop a customized hiring roadmap that aligns with your firm’s unique objectives and values.
Absolutely. Our strategies and tools are designed to be versatile, aiding in the recruitment and retention of talent at all levels, from seasoned lawyers to promising new graduates.
While the timeframe can vary, many firms begin to see improvements in their hiring processes and employee retention rates within a few months of implementing our strategies.
Yes, our service is designed to be scalable and effective for law firms of all sizes, including those with a small staff. We tailor our solutions to fit your specific needs and challenges.
We provide ongoing support and follow-up consultations to ensure the successful implementation of our strategies. Our team is available to answer any questions and help address any challenges that arise.

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